Energy Efficiency Audits – Air and Oil

RIMS Engineering provide efficiency audits of hydraulic and pneumatic systems to identify inefficiencies and safety issues in your compressed air or fluid power system. An efficiency audit is the first step in pinpointing ways to reduce air or oil consumption and reduce your energy expense.

Our efficiency audit process involves inspection and analysis of the air or oil flows through your hydraulic or pneumatic system.

There are many simple ways to improve the efficiency of a fluid power or compressed air system. We take a whole of system approach to our efficiency audits starting by looking at the optimum size for the power pack or air compressor needed to power your system requirements.

We look at usage behavior to determine peak usage times and flows and when your system is dormant. We look at the physical climate in which your system resides including air temperature and humidity. We also thoroughly check your system for air or oil leakage and waste including checking pipework, hose, fittings and connections and filtration.

Upon completion of the audit we provide a report detailing suggested efficiency improvements and remedial actions to get your system performing optimally and save you energy and cost.

RIMS Engineering also offer air quality audits for pneumatic and compressed air systems, please see our System Audits > Air Quality Auditing page.

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