Air Quality Auditing

To protect the safety of your customers, staff, patients or even your equipment, it is essential to have quality compressed air.

Clean Dry Air is essential for many different applications:

Air compressors draw in large volumes of air from the surrounding atmosphere containing contaminants.

Compressed air quality testing can identify compressed air safety issues and product quality concerns. It is an important part of your commitment to WHS and best practice principles.

Air quality testing should be carried out as a minimum of every 12 months on all breathing air equipment. Testing is carried out using the Parker Domnick Hunter breathing air purity test kit, which reads for oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapour and mineral oil.

A RIMS Engineering Air Quality Audit can also analyse oxygen content within the compressed air system, as well as ambient and airline temperatures. Further analysis can be provided for the continual measurement and data logging of moisture content.

We provide a testing and service report upon completion of testing detailing the test results, any recommendations or suggested remedial actions.

RIMS Engineering also offer efficiency audits for pneumatic and hydraulic systems, please see our System Audits > Efficiency Audits – air and oil page.

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