Pneumatic and Filtration Services

Quality air systems product quality air. Regular servicing of your pneumatic system ensures optimum performance and efficiency as well as a quality end product.

Air leaks can be expensive, RIMS Engineering can create a scheduled preventative maintenance program specific to the needs of your business to minimise downtime and keep pneumatic plant running smoothly and efficiently.

We use quality IMI Norgren Pneumatics and Parker Filtration replacement parts and accessories. We service:


The degree of filtration an air system requires depends upon the final use for the air, this may vary enormously from general workshop applications through to food and beverage production. It is critical to understand the level of air quality required for your specific application and then ensure that you have suitable air treatment in place. RIMS Engineering can conduct an Air Quality Evaluation on your system to determine if your air quality is suitable for your application and provide filtration solutions to suit.

We have trained technicians available to assess and solve pneumatic problems both on and off site. Our mobile and on-site testing equipment ensures your systems meets quality and efficiency requirements. Our services are fully supported through our partnerships with IMI Norgren Pneumatics and Parker Filtration.

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