Manufacturing Services

Do you have an idea that you need help to make a reality? Do you have an application that an off the shelf product just doesn’t suit?

RIMS Engineering can help, we can build a product to your design or, design a product to fit your specification. Our extensive engineering workshop specialises in the manufacture of hydraulic, pneumatic and filtration equipment.

Clean Room and Test Bench

RIMS Clean Room and Test Bench facility enables the building and testing of all types of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment. We provide test certificates and use calibrated and certified gauges.

Machine Shop

Our machine shop can make specialist parts and equipment to specification and incorporates a Ryazan lathe (swing diameter 700mm, between centres 3000mm) and Vernier mill (x - 1245mm, y - 750mm, z - 850mm), as well as milling machines, lathes, drills and a surface grinder.

Fabrication Centre

Specialising in the use of aluminium and stainless steel our fabrication shop is divided into separate functional areas to provide for the cleanest possible environment to build and test equipment. A painting bay complete with extraction system ensures products are finished to the highest quality.

We have previously helped our clients design and build:

Hydraulic Manifolds - specialising in light weight aluminium which is particularly useful in corrosive environments.

Fuel Systems - light weight, compact units fabricated from stainless steel providing excellent corrosive resistance and reliability. Filters and fuel systems are designed to specific applications by our in house hydraulic engineers. Our designs meet the requirements of all major survey authorities.

Capstans – Our heavy duty capstans designs can pull up to 10 tonnes with a static mooring capacity of up to 25 tonnes. Our design forte involves extensive use of high strength marine aluminium and stainless steel making units both low weight and low maintenance.

Call us today on 1300 725 470 so we can discuss your specific needs. More information on product and system development can be found on our Services > System Development page.