Air Quality & Efficiency Testing

RIMS Engineering can provide comprehensive testing of you air system to ensure it provides the optimum in Quality and Efficiency.


To protect your customers, staff, patients and equipment it is essential to have high quality air.

The level of air quality required by a system depends upon the final use for the air and this may vary enormously from general workshop applications through to food and beverage production. In many industries Clean Dry Air is essential including:

It is critical to understand the level of air quality required for your specific application and then ensure that you have suitable air treatment in place. RIMS Engineering can conduct an Air Quality Evaluation on your system to determine if your air quality is suitable for your application and provide filtration solutions to suit.

Air quality testing should be carried out every 12 months on breathing air equipment. We do this by using a breathing air purity test kit which reads for oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapour and mineral oil. A RIMS Engineering Air Quality Evaluation can also analyse oxygen content within the system, as well as ambient and airline temperature. Further analysis can be provided for the continual measurement and data logging of moisture content.

We provide a testing and service report upon completion of testing detailing test results and recommending remedial actions if required.



RIMS Engineering provide Air Efficiency Audits of pneumatic systems to identify costly inefficiencies and safety issues. An efficiency audit is the first step in pinpointing ways to reduce air consumption and energy costs by analysing how air flows through your pneumatic system.

There are many simple ways to improve the efficiency of a pneumatic system. RIMS Engineering take a whole of system approach to our efficiency audits, we assess:

  1. Air Compressor – Compressors can be costly to run and it is important that they are correctly sized to provide optimum output. If your compressor is too large there will be unnecessary cost to keep it running, too small and your system will be under powered.
  2. Air Leakage and Waste – If air is leaking from your system your compressor will be working harder than it needs to using unnecessary power. We will thoroughly check your system for costly air leaks in pipework, hose, fittings, connections and filtration.
  3. Usage Behaviour – We will determine peak usage times and flows and when your system is dormant.
  4. Physical Climate - We look at the physical climate in which your system resides including air temperature and humidity.
  5. Contingency – What back ups should be put in place in the event of air compressor failure.
  6. Safety – We check your system for safety issues such as excessive noise.

Upon completion of the audit we provide a report detailing suggested efficiency improvements and remedial actions to get your system performing optimally and save you energy and cost.

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