RIMS Engineering provide a whole of systems approach to our pneumatic products, we can assist with everything from the pneumatic parts in your production line to the compressed air systems which powers it.

In partnership with Norgren pneumatics we have been supplying Tasmanian businesses with pneumatic systems and expert advice for more than 25 years. Norgren pneumatics are high quality products which are constantly being developed and improved to provide the best pneumatic solutions available.

The Norgren range includes world leading Buschjost (valves), Herion (solenoid valves), Ace (shock absorbers), Kinetrol (actuators and rotary dampers), Pneufit, Excelon, Lintra, Martonair, Maxseal and Olympian products covering the needs of industry from fish farming to dentistry, if it's powered by pressurised gas we can provide the solution.

Our comprehensive range means we have something to suit all sizes and applications. Call us today on 1300 725 470 to discuss your specific needs.