Gas Generation

Gas Generators offer a safe, reliable and cost effective alternative to high pressure gas cylinders. Never run out of gas again, save money and make your own. 

In partnership with Parker Filtration we can supply Nitrogen Generators, Hydrogen Generators, Laboratory Gas, Oxygen Purifiers, High Purity Air and Water Chilling Systems.



Nitrogen Generators allow users to produce ultra high purity nitrogen from a supply of compressed air, advantages over traditionally supplied nitrogen include:

RIMS Engineering supply, install and service the Parker Filtration range of MAXIGAS, MIDIGAS, NITRO FLOW and NITRO SOURCE nitrogen gas generators.
Laboratory Gas Generators eliminate the need to handle high pressure gas cylinders in the workplace by producing lab gases simply and cost effectively. Gas purity is assured allowing for greater reproduction of results. RIMS Engineering supply a range of lab gas solutions in partnership with Parker Filtration.
Our range of Hydrogen Generators break down water into hydrogen and oxygen using a separation membrane. Oxygen is released into the air and the resultant ultra high purity Hydrogen is retained for use. Hydrogen Generators provide a far safer and more dependable alternative to gas cylinders.
Parker Balston Zero Air Generators are ideal fro use in FID applications. They eliminate the need for high pressure gas cylinders requiring only a supply of compressed air.
Clean Dry Air systems utilise Desiccant Dryers to adsorb water vapour and aerosols and provide a constant flow of clean, dry compressed air.
CO2 Free Air - replace your high pressure O2 and N2 cylinders with CO2 moisture free compressed air.
Water has become a precious and costly resource, our range of Hiross Hyperchill precision Chillers operate in a closed circuit continually using the same water to avoid wastage and control the discharge of impure water into the environment.
All our products are fully supported by by RIMS Engineering and Parker technicians.


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