RIMS Engineering is your one stop filtration shop. We supply a vast array of filtration products to suit an almost limitless range of applications - oil, water, air, fuel, chemical, beverage or anything else!

RIMS Engineering are proud distributors of Parker filtration products. Parker is a world leader in process filtration and continually strive to provide improved filtration systems for critical processes on every continent.

Parker filtration products include the Domnick Hunter, Racor, Balston, Zander, Hiross and Hyperchill ranges.

Our filter elements will fit most other brands of filter housings. Parker's Parfit elements are interchangeable, allowing you to obtain all your filter elements from a single source regardless of the brand you're currently using. A quick and easy solution saving you time and preventing unnecessary delays.

Compressed Air Treatment

We also supply and install refrigeration and desiccant dryers. Adsorption (or desiccant) dryers remove moisture by passing air over a regenerative adsorbent material which strips the moisture from the air. Refrigeration dryers work by cooling the air. RIMS Engineering distribute Parker brand desiccant and refrigeration dryers as well as water cooling and chilling systems.

Marine Filtration

RIMS Engineering are distributors for Parker’s Racor range of Marine Fuel Filtration. Designed to keep fuel clean and engines running at maximum efficiency we can supply fuel filters, fuel managers, coalescers and fuel/water separators for engine protection.

Nitrogen Generators

RIMS Engineering is a distributor for the Parker filtration range of gas generation systems. Parker's range of MAXIGAS, MIDIGAS, NITRO FLOW and NITRO SOURCE nitrogen gas generators allow users to produce ultra-high purity nitrogen gas from a supply of compressed air. Compressed air enters the system and flows through a carbon sieve, oxygen, carbon dioxide, humidity and non-methane hydrocarbons are adsorbed allowing clean dry nitrogen to pass through for use.

Hydrogen Generators

Parker high purity hydrogen generators produce a constant stream of hydrogen at a pre-determined flow rate and pressure. Water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen using a separation membrane, the oxygen is released into the air, while the hydrogen is retained for use.

Laboratory Gases

Laboratory gas generators eliminate the need to handle high pressure gas cylinders in the workplace by producing lab gasses simply and cost effectively. Laboratory gas generators are safe and sustainable, gas purity is assured allowing for greater reproduction of results.

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